Should you fit a Wi-Fi-controlled RGB LED strip light?

16 July 2021
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Do you want more control over your home lighting? Lighting can affect the atmosphere in and around your property. It can also affect how much enjoyment you can get out of your home. Do you need better lighting to guide you down safely down the front path or to help you find the keyhole in the door when you return after dark? Do you find it difficult to read in your home because the existing lighting is too dark or pointed in the wrong direction? Maybe security is your chief concern. You might be thinking of installing additional lighting to deter criminals from approaching your home. Alternatively, you may want more lighting for purely aesthetic reasons. Your home may have an unusual architectural feature that you wish to highlight, or perhaps you feel that the addition of some coloured lights will enhance the appearance of your property.

Controlling your lights

Whatever the lighting problem you are facing, there are often multiple solutions available. Where the solutions generally come together is in how the lights are controlled. Often, lights need to be controlled via a pull cord or by a switch mounted on the wall or attached to the lighting unit. Light switches may be simple to use, but it isn't always convenient to switch the lights on or off, especially if the switch is some distance from where you are sitting. A good alternative is to use a Wi-Fi-controlled RGB LED strip light instead.

Embracing Wi-Fi control

When you fit a Wi-Fi-controlled RGB LED strip light, you can avoid all the hassle the normally comes with light control. By installing an app on the phone, you can control every action the lights can perform. You can turn the lights on and off any time you want to do so. You can set a timer that turns the lights on or off at any time of day or night. Setting the lights to operate via a timer is convenient for you, but it can also improve security since an opportunistic thief can never be sure whether you are at home.

Other features of a Wi-Fi-controlled RGB LED strip light that you can control remotely include both the pattern made by the strip light and the speed at which that pattern is displayed. Sometimes an RGB LED strip light will also let you control the colours or the hues used in each pattern. Talk to your supplier to see which Wi-Fi-controlled RGB LED strip light is right for you.