Eunice Ortom: A Wheel of Progress in Benue State

In 2015,Nigeria has a change of government at the federal and state levels. This ushered in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari at the federal level.

Since Nigeria runs a federal system of government centrally controlled from the top to bottom, most policy directions of the government are decided from the top (from the presidency) down to the state governments and then the local governments.

The message of the Buhari led federal government was clear – there will not be the Office of the First Lady. In other words, neither the wife of the president nor that of the governors will be referred to as the First Lady but simply wife of the President or wife of the Governor.

This was a total deviation from what has been known in the past administrations where the wife of the President and that of the Governors have their offices and maintain a strong presence in the administration of the nation and their various states.

As strange as the Buhari led government views on the Office of the First Lady was, the nation swallow it with a pint of salt.

The Offices of the First Ladies in the time past have initiated projects and programmes that have direct bearings on the lives of their people even after they were long gone. Now that it was simply not recognized by the Buhari government, what will his wife and the wives of the Governors be doing? Will they simply relegate themselves to the other room, or will they still function as before?

Most wives of the Governors were simply invisible in the first year of their husband’s administration but not Eunice Ortom who right from the onset stood solidly behind her husband to ensure Benue People enjoys the dividend of democracy.

She quickly initiated Eunice Spring of Life Foundation, a foundation dedicated in uplifting the standard of living of the children, women and the downtrodden.

Her resilience and the positive impact of her foundation echoed across the Benue Valley with its sound heard across the world.

Eunice Ortom refusal to be relegated to the other room waked up the wives of the other governors who were hitherto in their slumber. They borrowed a leaf from Eunice Spring of Life Foundation and now have something they can show for supporting their husbands.

As if that was not enough, Eunice Ortom has been a pillar in her husband administration. She stood solidly behind her husband when the forces of darkness rose against His Excellency Samuel Ortom to take over the Benue Valley and subjugate the people to the life of solitude.

She insisted her husband His Excellency Samuel Ortom must stand with Benue People no matter how unpopular the decision may look with the powers that be from Aso Rock. Her support to her husband leads to the passage of the Anti-Open Grazing Bill that has put the invaders at bay.

Eunice Ortom has been a uniting force of the Benue People. A mother who welcome and embrace all her children in spite of their political divide or parallel affiliation.She listens to the cry of the people and informs her husband appropriately on the needs of the people.

She has been a shoulder for many to cry on as she has the right words at the right time and knows what to do to bring happiness to those who are sad.

A woman and mother who do not believe in her strength alone but look up to God and consult Him at all time for the peace, unity and happiness of Benue people.

What can we say than to appreciate this great woman who has enormous powers yet remain very humble. A mother who understand the needs of every of her child. A political pillar that has kept Benue standing in spite of the numerous challenges the state face.

Indeed, Dr.Eunice Ortom is an embodiment of beauty, meekness, humility and a pride to every well-meaning Benue citizen.

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