Tsambe Women: community development through women participation

In African clime, women have continue to be relegated to the background due to cultural, religious and social believe that they will no longer be submissive to their husbands when fully in-charge of development processes.

 But individual women and women organizations have continue to prove that they are a development tool that should not be neglected for too long.

 One of such women organization is Tsambe Women in Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State. These women have been in the forefront of development in their community with visible projects across the breath of the community.

On Saturday 15, December 2018, Tsambe women demonstrated once again that they are a force to be reckon with by organizing a launching to raise the sum of one million Naira to dig a borehole in their community to save them from hardship they experience during dry season.

They invited prominent sons and daughters of Benue State to help them raise the fund for their project.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Launcher, Mr. Goldman Ordue Tseke thank Tsambe Women for finding him worthy to support their worthy cause. He also appreciated the resolve and contributions of the women to the development of Tsambe Community which are visible even to the blind.

Mr. Goldman who also deliver the message of Her Excellency, the Wife of the Executive Governor of Benue State, Mrs. Eunice Ortom and her husband, His Excellency Samuel Ortom told the women that their mother Mrs.Ortom has specifically send him to tell the women that though her husband has travelled, she is promising them that a borehole will be dug for them within two weeks.

The message was received by the women and the people of the community with jubilation. The people numbering over 2000 came out to the arena of the occasion and dance to the traditional music that was available to entertain the guests.

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