Irresistible Reasons Why Your Business Should Make the Switch to Wireless Networking Solutions

26 May 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


Without a doubt, wired networks have been the standard solution for business across the UK for decades on end, but this does not mean that this the gold standard in networking. Instead, over the years, there has been an increased demand for wireless networking. Unlike its wired counterpart that is dependent on wires, adapters and cables to establish an internet connection, the wireless solution transmits signals via radio waves.

This technological advancement is not only convenient but also offers a range of advantages to businesses irrespective of your industry! As long as your operations are reliant on having an internet connection, consider the following irresistible reasons why your business should make the switch to wireless networking solutions.

Heightened productivity

One of the foremost advantages that you will reap when you make the switch to a wireless network is elevated productivity for your business, and this can be attributed to the mobility that this type of network offers. With wireless connectivity, your employees simply need to be in proximity to a router to get their work done. Thus, whether they are in the conference room or taking a quick break, they can access or send files from a connected device.

Hence, you do not have to worry about time being wasted by your employees since they are constantly connected to the network. This is a far cry from a wired network that is dependent on Ethernet cables, which limits accessibility for your employees if they are not at their desks. Consequently, your business can lose a significant amount of time each day, and this contributes to decreased productivity.

Cost efficiency

Many business owners prioritise economical practices to ensure that their company is profitable. However, not many business owners take into consideration how much money they could potentially lose when relying on a wired network for their internet connection. To begin with, the installation of this network is costly in a couple of ways. First, the cables and ports that its hardware comprises are expensive to install, so you lose money right from the beginning.

Secondly, this extensive cabling is always at risk of damage, and this would disrupt your operations until repairs are undertaken, which can translate into a loss of income. These are not risks that you have to contend with when you switch to a wireless network. First off, the lack of wiring makes its installation more affordable. Secondly, a wireless network is at a decreased threat of damage so your operations are less likely to suffer from disruptions.