Business Storage Options

8 November 2021
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Storage spaces have become a must-have for modern businesses. These facilities enable businesses to enjoy the convenience of expanding their operations without moving into larger premises. This article details the various types of business storage options. 

Onsite Storage 

Onsite storage units offer businesses the convenience of accessing items in storage any time they wish. There are a few onsite storage options for businesses. First, if a company intends to store files and documents, they could opt for mobile shelving. These are compacted cabinets that move across the floor to create aisles. Although they occupy minimal space, they can store thousands of documents and help you save on office space. If your business intends to store larger items, you could rent or invest in an onsite storage container. When buying or renting these containers, you should ensure the design enables you to use the container for multiple functions. For example, lighting and compartments allow you to use the container as an office. On the other hand, a window might enable you to turn the container into a retail space. 


Warehouses are your best bet when you need to store inventory. Small businesses often struggle with inventory since they cannot afford to lease a warehouse. However, storage and 3PL companies will allow you to use a section of their warehouse. They will also handle your inventory and help you track orders. The advantage of this arrangement is that you can increase or decrease the rented space depending on your business's needs. In such a way, you do not have to pay for storage space that you do not need. 

Offsite Storage Units 

Offsite storage is perfect for businesses that cannot use onsite storage or those that need ample space to store furniture and various office appliances. Convenience is a significant factor when choosing an offsite storage unit. Remember, you may want to pick something up from or deliver something to the storage unit at odd hours or without wasting work hours. It would also be wise to examine the services offered by the storage company. For instance, some companies will provide free office space or full-service storage.

You should inspect your storage unit before moving in. For example, it should have a functional locking mechanism, climate control, lights and shelves if those features are included in your contract. Additionally, check the storage contract to establish your own obligations. 

Ultimately, your current business needs will determine the need for onsite or offsite storage or warehousing services. Contact a company that offers business storage services to learn more.